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About Us

From 2022

Carolina Heritage, freshly inaugurated in 2022, is a 3-star hotel that awaits you in the heart of Alba Carolina Fortress.

Built in a modern style, with vintage decorative inserts and a strong emphasis on preserving historical architectural elements, the hotel exudes elegance, invites moments of relaxation, and timeless experiences.

Those who cross its threshold feel the good energy of the place right from their first steps inside, which is lined with objects that remind of the Romanian-Hungarian-Austrian heritage. This heritage is also meticulously reflected in the hotel restaurant’s menu. Thus, here you will not only have a visual and aesthetic experience but also a quality culinary experience, carefully curated.

For you!

And for a complete sensory experience, the hotel offers tourists a wine cellar with 60 seats, a spa with jacuzzi, and a dry sauna. On the outdoor terrace, where the rhythm of life within the walls of Alba Carolina Fortress unfolds before your eyes, you can quietly enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, early in the morning, at midday, or in the evening.

Just 100 meters away from Custozza Park, a monument erected in 1906, Carolina Heritage rises like a jewel and finds its well-deserved place among the many architectural splendors of the fortress. The entire building is itself infused with the history told by the walls and monuments of the fortress and the city.

Although teleportation is not yet possible, once you arrive here, you will undoubtedly travel back in time, following the footsteps of Emperor Trajan, who, after conquering Dacia, erected one of the largest Roman camps here. You can explore on foot the former settlement that emerged around the camp, Apulum, where later, the act of unification of all Romanians from everywhere was signed.

Hotel Carolina Heritage is located right at the heart of history, close to all major tourist attractions. From the hotel rooms, you can admire the surrounding historical buildings, such as Saint Michael’s Roman Catholic Cathedral, and feel as if time is flowing backward, with history unfolding before your eyes.

Elisa S
Hotel Manager